Cho Won All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ & Buffet

what we offer

The only Korean BBQ restaurant which allows you to grab your own meat and have it grilled at your table.

Many Meats to Choose From

Bulgogi (marinated beef), sampgyupsal (pork belly), dwaeji bulgogi (spicy marinated pork), dak bulgogi (spicy marinated chicken) prawn (shrimp), and kalbi (marinated short ribs). Meat selections are limited at lunch.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet is included

Choose from favorites such as bulgogi, pork bulgogi, chapchae, mandoo, deep fried prawn, fish, thuk-bok-kee (hot rice cakes), sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken - just too much to name.

Your Choice of Ban Chan

Cabbage kimchi, cucumber kimchi, bean sprouts (kongnamul), seasoned spinach, radish kimchi (kkak du gi), sangchu ssam (lettuce wrap), and many more.

AYCE Sushi is also included

Ahi (tuna), Ebi (shrimp) Ebi (shrimp), Sake (salmon), Unagi/anago (eel—unagi refers to freshwater and anago to saltwater), Unagi/anago, Hamachi (yellow tail), Ika (squid), etc.